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    KCTM is committed to providing professional learning opportunities related to mathematics materials, instructional practices/strategies, assessment, and research in a timely manner for mathematics teachers across the state. KCTM can work with member teachers to tailor professional learning opportunities in terms of content, setting, and time. Please complete this google form to indicate what topics you would like to see addressed, and you will be contacted to discuss how KCTM can address the topic.

    What might these questions (or others from you) mean for professional learning opportunities:

    • How will the new Mathematics Standards affect classrooms? 
    • What is the coherence between the new Mathematics Standards and the proposed Financial Literacy Standards?     
    • What does The Opportunity Myth say about mathematics assignments?
    • What is the 4-step investigative process for statistical reasoning - state, formulate, solve conclude? GAISE Report 
    • What is the mathematical modeling process? GAIMME Report
    • What mathematical content do students need to be college ready?
    • What's available in Instructional technology - free and easy to use?


    Calling all to join Kentucky Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (KAMTE) 

     For information or questions, please contact Cheryll Crowe Johnson (cheryll.johnson@asbury.edu).

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